About Us

Look good. Feel good. Do good.

We’re on a quest to create the ultimate swimwear styles for you.

A little sexy, a little sultry, and a lot kinder to the planet—that’s what you’ll find here at VDM.                   
We create everyday luxe for beach bunnies, water-loving sun worshippers and the insatiably curious who want to get noticed and wear their hearts on their impossibly stylish bikini straps.
Revel in your body beautiful. And love the planet.
We believe every body is beautiful. Style’s an attitude, not a clothing size. And you can’t curb great taste. We don’t believe in fast fashion—we prefer to create quality pieces you can treasure for a lifetime. And we’re doing what we can to reduce the amount of landfill and pollution caused by the fast fashion industry.

Swimwear that makes the oceans that bit safer and purer.

Forward-thinking Australian designer, Allanah Van Der Mey, began her quest to build the ultimate summer wardrobe full of sustainable premium swimwear in 2017.
Under Allanah’s guiding hand, VDM the Label has since gone from strength to strength, with celebs and influencers choosing our all Australian-made swimwear as their go-to hang out by-the-water wardrobe.
We’re now a global online destination with a team of passionate, free thinkers who believe in great quality swimwear, ethical trade, and making a difference while still being able to look great by the pool when we want to.
We create distinctive prints and timeless styles inspired by the decades of sun-worshippers that have gone before us. These are the bikinis, one-pieces and accessories you’ll reach for first when you’re heading to the beach.
We’re so proud to make our swimwear from fabrics sourced from recycled consumer products, such as water bottles and fish nets dragged from the ocean. Because it’s important to us that our products are the best they can be and help save the planet.
Big love, VDM x.